Sunday, February 28, 2016

Juan Castilla, Spanish Artist in Paris

This post is not about Emerik Fejes, it's a quick post about an artist named Juan Castilla, a contemporary Spanish artist who has been in Paris since 964.  I bought a painting of his on wood in Paris around 1988 for 6500F, especes. It's around 18 by 24 inches and in the original frame.  The painting name from the original receipt is "jeune femme fleurs cheveux."

AT the time, I very much liked his art and I visited two or three galleries around Paris that stocked it. I had a friend who had also bought his work.  I would have liked to buy more.

I bought it from L'Art en Depot, 21, rue saint-sulpice, 75006 Paris.
I've found a website of his,, and I thought I'd contact them.

Juan Castilla painting
Juan Castilla painting,