Saturday, July 18, 2020

Florencia Clement de Grandprey

Florencia Clement de Grandprey has been our favorite artists for awhile. She's local and produces incredible works and very charming.  Here's some of our Florencia's starting with her mixed media work of Carmen. Here's Florencia with two Carmens.

Carmen by florencia clement de grandprey with Carmen
Carmen with Florencia Clement de Grandprey and Carmen

To learn more or try to get your own, there's Florencia's website but also, she has active Facebook and Instagram accounts.

With us, Florencia has stretched her wings a little and created portraits of each of our three kids.

Here's one of our girls shown ack when she was in a gallery.

She's also done some cards for us.

Philippe Guillerm: Wood Sculptures

Our house is decorated with some fantastic wood sculptures done by a friend of ours: Philippe Guillerm.  His work is totally amazing. Technically, I can't imagine how he does it, the craftsmanship just astounding and the impact on me is thrilling everytime I look at them.

Sadly for us, he moved from Ft Lauderdale to Maine about a decade ago so we don't get to see him, his wife, and kids anymore. Still, we live with his sculptures.

phillippe guillerm sculpture
phillippe guillerm sculpture

More to follow...

For instance, there's one Phillippe Guillerm sculpture made as a small commission of Ed Mouse, the Educational Mouse. 

Mira of South Beach

Mira is a Miami artist who paints furniture and paintings. There's soem family stories to tell how I bought a table with four chairs that she did. And why we now have six chairs, two of which are are in-the-style of Mira but are originals by us.  For the moment, here are the pictures.

Mira South Beach Artist

Mira Miami Painted Chair

Carmen and Ariana Chairs

Monday, July 13, 2020

Javier Cruz - Painter

We’ve bought a number of paintings by Javier Cruz of Trinidad, Cuba. Several more have been bought by family members or friends.

Javier Cruz has a few trademark items:
  • Lady’s hair strung out by the wind
  • Cats, also often caught in the wind
  • Bright colors with an old look
Javier Cruz