Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fejes of St Marks Square in Venice

This Fejes painting has hung in my parents house since I was 9 (which was in 1967).  Sure the house has changed a few times but this painting has always been there.

I visited Venice this past spring and the spot was instantly familiar to me.

Oddly, Emerik might have gotten some of the colors right. I wish I had taken a photo at the same angle to compare with the painting. Of course, I would have had to photoshop out all the people.


  1. So charming! I love the way St. Theodore looks on top of the pillar.

  2. Actually, there's an app on your phone that if you take the same picture many times with people in it moving around, it will automatically crop out all the people and create a peopleless picture. Incredible. But, at some level of very very crowded, it might not work.....