Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Museum Exhibit Guide with Emerik Fejes, Bought in 79

I bought this guide in 1979 in the summer in Zagreb from the Primitive Art Museum.  I hope nobody minds me reproducing parts of it.

It might now be known as the Croatian Museum of Naive Art.

Quoting the Croatian Naive Art Museum's Website

In 1952, the Peasant Art Gallery was founded in Zagreb; from 1956 it operated under the name of the Gallery of Primitive Art, while since 1994, in line with a decision by the Croatian Parliament, its title has been the Croatian Museum of Naive Art. From the very beginning the establishment was organized and run according to strict museological principles, and is thus deemed to be the world’s first museum of naive art.

The Croatian Museum of Naive Art holds more than 1,600 works of art – paintings, sculptures, drawings and prints – mainly by Croatian artists.

The permanent display of the Museum was established according to the maxim:Naive Art as a Segment of Modern Art. Some eighty anthology-piece paintings and sculptures of a score of classics of the Croatian Naive are on display, from the early thirties to the 1980s. The focus is on Croatian artists – of the celebrated Hlebine School, and a few of the more highly-valued independent artists. In conjunction with their works, artworks of significant artists of other nations are also on show.

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