Saturday, March 2, 2019

My Art Collecting

Here’s a quick summary of what art we’ve collected and are collecting.

Today, we bought from Rahmon Olugunna, a Nigerian artist working out of Chicago, an old painting on paper.  It was the Las Olas Art Festival.

We recently were gifted a gorgeous original Ferjo, Fernando de Jesus Oliveira.

We also have several from his equally famous student: Orlando Quevedo.

There’s also  Florencia Clement de Grandprey. We have commissioned one piece, a Carmen flamenco dancer from her. Plus we have a black and white. Both are on upholstery.

Mira - We have a table and four chairs, plus two tributes. We have it as a dining room table at home. She exhibits at Effusion Gallery but I can’t find any real info on her.
Miro Table
Miro Table

And we have several contemporary Cuban artists that we’ve bought several from. My wife is Cuban-born so she has spent tons of time down there and gotten familiar with a few we like and some she knows. 

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