Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Emmerik Fejes Portrait

In addition to our own collection of Fejes paintings, I visited Zagreb in 1979. I made a point of going to an art museum there which had a collection of Yugoslavian primitives.  I met the curator and agreed (and then did) send her copies of all of our paintings for her files.

I bought a copy of a thick catalog:  The International meeting of naive art,  naivni "70, Zagreb + hlebine, july 18-Sept 20 1970. Published by gelerija, primitivne umjetnosti zagreb, 1970. 

There are a number of prints of Fejes paintings in the book which I will reproduce here.

 There is also a portrait of him.  

There is also a commentary and autobiography which I will copy over, assuming that whomever holds the copyright would not mind.

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