Monday, September 19, 2011

Mont St Michel

Emerik FejeŇ° (1904-1969) painted famous tourist sites that he only knew from postcards. The postcards were in black and white leaving him free to imagine and add color. He was known as a Yugoslav Primitive or Naive Artist meaning that he never had formal fine arts or painting education.

In the mid 60s, my parents with some friends, after visiting him near Zagreb,  bought two dozen of his paintings.  They sold the physical paintings at one point retaining three. One of them hangs in my living room.

He had an original painting technique. He would wrap wooden matches with thread and use them as brushes.

Fejes Painting of Mont St Michel
Emerik Fejes Painting of Mt St Michel from France
It hangs in my living room.

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  1. While this is not about Fejes, it is about Arthur Szyk, the great American artist: